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Original Organic Garden Annual Bucket Drive an Earth Day Event


Driving Sustainability through the Bucket Drive is about helping our company keep to our sustainability mandate. As we’re helping individuals lower their own carbon footprint by doing container gardening on their balconies and patios; we are asking them to keep us accountable by helping us lower our own carbon footprint. When the community helps us fill a Zipcar truck with 800 buckets of local, sustainable, organic soil we will in turn give back to a non-profit organization for the cost of what we would have used to start an engine for a duration of 8 hours in the past. We are also giving an amount of our Original Organic Garden Organic Soil to a non-profit group that is teaching sustainability to children. Vancity has helped us to figure out our reduction of GHG of 53kg, it doesn’t seem like much but over time it adds up so knowing the amount helps us endeavor to keep our carbon footprint down as our company grows.  This year’s benefactors’ are the Girl Guides of Canada and the Zajac Ranch for Children for their greenhouse projects.

Our sponsors are Whole Foods Market, Zipcar Vancouver, Vancity and Pinter Creative Studio.

@ZipcarVancouver is providing a Zipcar truck to help us transfer our 800 completed soil buckets back to our storage location. Zipcar members will get a $5 giftcard to Whole Foods Market when they purchase a bucket of Organic Soil plus they will also get $5 of driving credits when help us fill a few buckets.

@Whole_Foods_Van Robson has offered us space to fill the buckets during the Earth Day celebration event on April 21st & 22nd between 11 AM – 5 PM.

@Vancity has offered to provide us with a couple of pop up tents to cover our Organic Soil to protect it from the elements, in case it rains, which we are being optimistic it will be sunny.

Pinter Creative Studio provided the awesome picture of our giant Organic Soil bucket being lowered into a Zipcar truck in front of Whole Foods Market.

Sustainability starts with you (and us and every0ne)! Please join us for some eco-fun and learn about the importance of soil and sustainability.

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Original Organic Garden’s Annual Bucket Drive

Original Organic Garden’s Annual Bucket Drive – Earth Day Event

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Supporting the Ban of GE (GMO) Wheat & Alfalfa in Canada

Bill C-474 is a one line Private Members Bill that would support Canadian farmers by Requiring that “an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new genetically engineered seed is permitted.” The Bill is a critical opportunity to stop dangerous GE (GMO) crops. If the Bill is passed it would stop GE (GMO) wheat and GE (GMO) alfalfa. It has spurred the first real debate in Parliament over the impacts of GE (GMO) crops. Your actions are making a huge difference. The Bill was introduced by Alex Atamanenko, the NDP Agriculture Critic and MP for British Columbia Southern Interior.

The final debate on Bill C-474 will be February 8 in the House of Commons, with the final vote likely scheduled for a few days later.

The reality is that we know some GE (GMO) crops will cause major economic harm to farmers. For example, conventional alfalfa growers told the Agriculture Committee that GE alfalfa will ruin their businesses, especially because GE alfalfa will inevitably contaminate all other alfalfa. We know that farmers who use alfalfa, particularly organic farmers, are at risk because of GE alfalfa. Organic farming prohibits the use of GE seeds, and GE alfalfa actually puts the entire organic food and farming system at risk. What are you going to do to help alfalfa growers and protect organic farming?

Your actions before Feb 8th 2011 will make a difference:

1. Its easy the letter is written for you: Write to your Member of Parliament one last time to ask them to vote for Bill C-474, and ask them to participate in the debate on Feb 8! Tell them you will be watching. http://www.cban.ca/474action

2. Write the Liberals instantly from

[ http://www.cban.ca/liberalact474 ]http://www.cban.ca/liberalact474

The Liberal Agriculture critic said he will vote against the Bill but many other Liberal MPs are ready to support Bill C-474. The NDP and Bloc already support the Bill, and most Conservatives oppose.

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